5 Reasons Fall is the Best Season of the Year


Gosh, I love fall. From the crunching leaves to the smell in the air I just love it! In honor of this magnificent season (and fall break!!!!) I’ve compiled a short list of my absolute favorite things about fall.

1. The Weather – This one may seem a little obvious, but I always would choose being chilly than steaming hot. When it’s hot what are you gonna do, shed your skin? Nah. But in fall it’s that perfect mixture of being chilly enough to snuggle up with a blanket but not so cold that your going to freeze your toes off.

2. The Layers – Last Sunday I woke up and the first thing I did was pull out my sweaters, warm scarves, and long socks. And you know that one pull over? Everybody’s got one. Yep, have been wearing that baby all the time. I can hardly convince myself to take it off to wash it. I know…that’s kinda gross. But ya feel me on this one?

3. The Food This kinda may be a shocker for some, but I’m not talkin pumpkin spice lattes here. I’ve actually never had one. I’m talkin the kind of food that is about to enter about 99.9% of American households in exactly two weeks. Halloween candy. My family isn’t in America for Halloween (sad day, I know), but most of the time, having 5 of kids, we get a truck load of candy. We can usually stretch it until Christmas comes around. Sadly, I’m getting to the age were going trick-or-treating is frowned upon, but hey that’s were working those trunk-or-treats comes in handy (plus really, how much is the baby going to notice if a few kit kats go missing? 😉 ).  Anyways, there’s always that one house that gives out the full sized Snicker bars or those little packages of gummy worms. Kudos to you! And don’t even get me started on Thanksgiving… Yum.

4. The Events and Activities – Living in a college town, fall means homecoming. And let me tell you OSU homecoming has no rivals. Literally none. Just thinking about missing walk-around this year makes me so sad. Also, fall means camp outs. Something about fooling around and joking in front of a campfire is just a feeling that is hard to be beat. Plus, s’mores.

5. Back to School (?) – Now, I know a lot of you just did a double take on this one, but hear me out. The thing I love most about back to school is the routine it brings. And plus, now everyone is back from their vacations and school is a great place to catch up. And who doesn’t love seeing their besties more often? Also, the start of school brings the start of extracurricular activities, and who doesn’t love those?

Well, now you have it. My top five reasons why fall is just the best. What about you? What do you love about fall? Or maybe you just can’t wait for summer again?

Now I really need to go get a blanket and a good book. Happy fall break friends!

Yours Sincerely, Audrey


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